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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
RobH, what? You want me to give legal disclaimers when quoting what you said that was already public knowledge on what you said and on the same board that we are both posting on??? Come on, reality check here bud on what internet posting actually means here please.

And if what I say or my opinon you do no like, fine you can ignore it or you can decide to argue the point. This whole thing is just that, opinion
This was my original post to you not the way you reworded to Kuki.

"The posts you copied of mine (in Legal terms you should have added as a Quote' from myself) were not from the 'Gripe' thread they are from two threads that folks use to chat with each other about their life and cruises. If you check out the name your would know that"
To make you happy I'll rescind the legal terms comment.

Shucks, thought you were away. Ah well life moves on..
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