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Arrow Dressing for the Cruise...

Hello all. I was talking with my kiddos today and mentioned the whole 'formal night' thing, and one of them tried to say that she was NOT dressing up! I told her yes she was, because one has to dress up to go to the main dining room on certain nights and we want the 'whole experience.' I don't want to skip formal nights just because dressing up is a pain or is too much luggage, etc. I am going to have to decide which specialty dining places I want to try. I am concerned that scheduling will be difficult, because I also plan to see every show there is and do as many other activities as possible.

One of the problems I am having is that I will have a completely different body by the time our cruise rolls around. I have been following Weight Watchers since January of last year, and plan to continue following the plan until I reach my goal. Since Jan. 19, 2010, I have lost almost 90 lbs. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to go, but it is completely do-able: if I lose 8lbs a month between now and the cruise, I can hit goal weight by then. I am really enjoying fantasizing about cruising at goal weight- rock climbing, deck lounging, night club dancing! Shorts, sundresses, mini-skirts and skorts. Little black dress. I will have to set aside some $$ to get myself an awesome new wardrobe right before we go, but it will be so great.

I also mentioned that I'd have to get Little Man (my 9 yr old son) some nice dress clothes, perhaps a suit, and he informed me that, "I am not wearing all that CRAP!" I informed him he was mistaken.

Anyway. I read somebody's comment about hillbillies on another thread and although I thought they were being facetious, I am still concerned about looking like po' folks. Despite the fact that this little adventure is going to wind up costing me a total of $6000 or so, I fear I will end up looking like Ma Kettle who just rolled into town on the egg money!

Oh well. Over a year to adjust either my perpective, my confidence, or my wardrobe. Or all three.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
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