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firs thing, congrats on the weight loss, and good luck, way to go. You hit right on target with "little black dress" for yourself, totally perfect for formal nights, heels, jewelry good to go, as for the kiddos, a suit really isn't necessary for the boys, a nice pair of dockers type pants, a button-down shirt and a tie if you can manage that would do just fine, if however you want to get a suit, hit the thrift stores Salvation Army, Goodwill, you can usually get amazing deals on kids suits especially ones that may have been worn only a couple of times and then growth spurt, suit doesn't fit. As for your daughter a simple dress, doesn't have to be anything frilly, fancy or frou-frou, a bright tropical print flowy dress with a pair of cute flats or even kitten heels, or a cute little skirt with a silky top
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