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Originally Posted by you View Post
For your little guy, get him two nice pairs of cotton dockers (something he can wear again) and a few nice collared shirts. Please do NOT waste your money on buying him a suit that he may never wear again. No one will judge you by your chidlren, and even if they do ... PHOOEY on them!

As for your daughter, let her get a nice sundress. That will work fine.

I don't mean to tell you how to parent, but if your kids protest, let them eat at the buffet that night. Why let the dress code affect your cruise?
Teaching children manners and basic social etiquette, including proper dress for various social occasions, is a fundmanental responsibility of parenting that too many adults shirk now -- which is why, as adults, their children continue to display abject ignorance thereof. I, for one, applaud the OP and many other dedicated parents who take this responsibility seriously and who take advantage of the "formal" evenings on a cruise to teaching their children the right way.

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