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Hello again! Just reading the last few posts. I appreciate the responses and input. Just thought I'd throw a couple of things out there:

First- we do go to church, so if I bought my son a suit, he would probably get *some* use out of it before he outgrew it. Still, I really doubt I'll get him one, because I don't usually make him dress up for church either! Lol. Ours is pretty casual, and he wears jeans and t-shirts or cotton shirts with collars basically all the time.

Also, the girls will be 18 when we go- If I bought them anything any time soon, there's not much chance they'd outgrow it between now and then unless they just suddenly got fat, which they won't.

As for myself- I am sooooo not the type to go all crazy and buy a lot of clothes, particularly fancy and/or expensive clothes. I will buy a few things that actually fit, when we are within a couple of months of our trip, which is in May of next year. But they will be from places like Cato or Goodies or JC Penney or Ross. Not really a huge outlay of funds.

Yeah, I definitely wasn't planning to go shopping right now- just sort of thinking ahead. And I have to confess, I wasn't really thinking of making them follow the formal night dress code just because I was trying to make a point about social ettiquette. I wanted them to experience what it was like to get dressed up a little bit fancy for a night and dine in an elegant setting, with other elegant people, to do something a little bit special, you know. I do think when we were having the conversation, I might have told them 'That's just the way they do things on a cruise, and we have to do what everyone else is doing- that's just what you do.' So maybe I did sort of put that social ettiquette idea out there, but mostly I'm thinking of it being an experience for them, if that makes sense.
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