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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
What action do you propose? Blow any suspect craft in the area out of the water and let God sort out the innocent? Invade Somalia and involve our already streched thin military in a third front? The major problem is that many of our timid Euorpean friends would much rather pay the ransom and look the other way.

Talking tough is easy, putting a rational winning strategy into action is not.

With the fiscal situation as it is, I cannot see launching another major military action to be viable. While the loss of 4 American lives is regrettable, that alone is not worth plunging us billions of dollars more into debt.
You make some excellent points. I feel sorry for the familes of the victims. But that is a part of the world I would not go anywhere near. I'm wondering why they went in this area at all. Just because they are American doesn't mean we need to involve ourself a war with Somalia. For one thing this isn't being done by the Somalian government so who would we fight? How would we find them? It's up to the Somalian government to handle this situation. The only way we should be involved is to not cruise, vacation or do anything else, including charity work, in this part of the world until the Pirates issue is handled by the Somalian government. It is not the USA's job to police the world nor do we have the resources to do it.
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