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I think you missed my point. I wasn't meaning that today's situation was compared to the Nazis. The point I was trying to make, obviously unsuccessfully, was these people have started acting like the Nazis. They have now vowed to continue this behavior unless we release the guy who was just sentenced to prison. Then they, for no valid reason, killed these four people and believe me, unless something is done it will continue. The leaders of the pirates have promised this, especially targeting American vessels, not just yachts but all American shipping. That is tantamount to a small island such as Cuba cutting off the Caribbean to American shipping. If this country were to not address this issue with severity, every two bit radical nation on earth would feel emboldened to also impose it's own "sanctions" on our country even going literally hundreds of miles beyond it's coastline to do so.

As someone so aptly pointed out and as I also wrote, there is no way to control their coastline but there is a way to make their current nefarious activities as regards world shipping untenable. I strongly agree that other nations should join us in this nation in our efforts but we especially have to do something because now they are specifically targeting innocent Americans (they could just have well been merchant mariners on a cargo ship). They have access to "Mother ships" and by that I'm talking about ocean going vessels that enable them to attack international shipping hundreds of miles off their coasts. They are, in effect, closing off an entire section of the ocean thus making individuals as well as an ever increasing amount of world commerce either sail all the way across the Pacific or go around the Horn of Africa which is one of the most dangerous areas of ocean in the world because of terrible storms. And the pirates aren't even a government although they and similar factions control such vast areas of Ethiopia as to make the Ethiopian government themselves tonly be able to actually have authority in but an insignificant portion of their own country because there is no way to enforce the law. As a matter of fact, that government itself has begged for help to stop these pirates. The only other way to undermine the pirates would be to totally support (meaning feed, clothe, provide medical care, etc.) the entire nation of Ethiopia and that just is not going to happen. Half of Europe is already in turmoil domestically because they cannot even afford to continue their own former policies of social support in their own countries. We too are getting to that stage and if this country allows itself to be in effect cut off from whole sections of the globe because of this situation is beyond the pale and that is what the pirates are doing.

If it were just along the immediate area of their coastline say about fifty miles then that would be a different story. But these people currently have the capability to go hundreds of miles beyond that point and have amply proven it.

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