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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
To be clear - I've never cruised with HAL before, so I cannot comment on what is included in the cabin. The reason I bring a corksrew, is because years ago, we bought one in teh gift shop of Royal Carribean. We had a wine bottle gifted to us from our travel agent, but no way to open it, so DH picked up a small souvenir corkscrew. It lives in our suitcase, so we always have it with us when travel.

ETA: These days, even good wines have screw tops, and you no longer "need" a corkscrew. I wonder if the corkage fee still applies?

I don't want you to think that I am picking on you, far from the truth.

When we cruised HAL from San Diego to Hawaii, we purchased a souvenir corkscrew in HI and I put in in one of our bags. Imagine my surprise when we returned to San Diego and went through the scanners at the airport and they "spied" the corkscrew in one of our carry-on bags. I never thought about it. But, the TSA would not let us take it on the plane!! They suggested I then go back out of security and arrange to mail the $2.50 screw back to my home. I told her (the TSA agent) to enjoy using my corkscrew! I'm sure that I could have brought a plane down with that device! ! So, make sure that you only bring the CS in your checked luggage. As for the screw-tops, I still am not ready for that and it makes me feel that like I'm drinking a bottle of Ripple.

We, too, never have a problem with left-over wine. Can anyone explain that phenomenon (sp?)?
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