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Default Golden Princess to Hawaii

Our choice for a mid-winter cruise was LA-Hawaii return, 15 days, primarily sea days, aboard the Golden Princess, early February. We chose a balcony on the Port side knowing that whatever sun was available would be with us most of the day. A wise choice, for although the temperatures were certainly not tropical, the sun was warm and refreshing. A touch of sunburn made the return on Port side also a wise move. The itinerary was more for the winter break than anything for we have been to the islands before and have seem most of what there is to see.

From the gay perspective, we felt that we were the only family members aboard. We attended the GLBT (Great Lettuce Bacon & Tomato) meeting the second evening. Gad but we dislike that identification. Friends Of Dorothy may be camp but we are sure that it generates a more fun gathering instead of the GLBT Lodge Meeting ;-) But Princess used the former definition at least on this ship. Six other members were in the room seated in locations preventing further gathering so it was assumed they preferred to be alone. To each his own. Thank goodness we were meeting friends (of Dorothy) who winter in Honolulu or we would have been in total gay withdrawal. Had a wonderful full day with them before sail away at 11:00pm

As some of you may know we wear the Rainbow colours in our tux breast pocket so to many savvy travelers we are so identified. And that is what it meant in the manner of service we received in the dinning room. We were afforded the best table the best waiters and the occasional specialty and favor. The staff in Anytime Dinning was wonderful to us, perhaps due to the sparseness of our membership who is known to be great conversationalists and gratuitists (our word). We were true to this reputationů

The whole cruise was very laid back as were the more senior passengers of caducity of which we are fast becoming two. Perhaps another ship would have been different and are pleased to hear that the Star Princess will be making this run next year. Now, that we know will be a cruise to think about.
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