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Default Drugs on Ships - OUT OF HAND!

Another big drug bust on a cruise ship....

Cruise ship coke bust crew were Jamaicans - News -

33 kilograms of Cocaine!!! Isnt that like about a million dollars "on the street?"

Can someone here recall which cruise lines this has happened on? They have to get a handle on this. Do you think it was happening all along and they are just now reporting it, or do you think this is new stuff?

My gut is that it has been happening all along. I know when I worked on ships in the 80s I you couldn't stop in Columbia or Jamaica without being asked if you wanted to buy drugs all the time.

I also recall as a crewmember being able to just walk off the ship in Miami and no one even blinking. I am sure that has changed, but once the guests are all off CBP still probably eases up a lot.
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