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Keep in mind too, that any specialty restaurant you will have to make reservations in advance...You will have either traditional dinning or any time and your sign/sail card will have your either table number and the actual dinning room that you will need to use when going to dinner in the evening. You can always use the Windjammer as well at no extra charge and they don't require reservations.

Yes, someone mentioned the tips, for a party of 6 it will be up there, figure at least $10.00 per day, per person, but that figure may have gone up...Your travel agent should have the latest amount. If the kids drink a lot of soda, may-be purchasing a soda card may be cost effect, otherwise there is milk, and lemonaide, juice that doesn't cost extra and also some decent iced tea...If you are water drinkers, the tap water is perfectly fine, don't waste your $ on the bottled...

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