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ok here is how u and kids can save money. There are ice tea/coffee machines(which are free), these machines are located at Wipe Out Cafe(behind the sports zone on deck 15. Wipe out cafe also has an ice cream machine; they serve burgers/dogs/pizza/taco bar(all this is free). There is also a ice cream machine located between the forward swimming pools. Solarium Bistro has a ice tea/coffee machine where u can fill up anytime. The Windjammer cafe also has the above mentioned beverage dispensers. At Sorrentos Pizza on Royal Promenade they have a coffee bar/ u can order your own pizza from Sorrentos. They also have pizza by the slice; but u can create your own: the pizza will be made for a family size or individual size. This is also free. Central Park Cafe on Deck 8 has free food; in additon to the coffee/ice tea bar. Any of the above venues have free refillable ice tea or coffee or water. You will have to pay for sodas. The Solarium Bistro at front of the ship and Windjammer also have flavored tea and lemonade machine. The Boardwalk Hot Dog Shack has free hot dogs; but so does Wipe Out Cafe. Rita's Cantina on the Boardwalk charges $7.95 per person to eat. You will get a lot of food at Rita's. Hope this helps.
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