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Default A Kindle Kwestion from a Kindle Kinde.....

...who can't spell either....(wink, wink)....

Well, Mrs. S. and I have joined the many other Cruisemates who are proud owners of Kindles. We have the ones with 3G and WiFi. We have yet to load any books, but I did manage to get my Canon camera manual PDF onto mine.

Now we are faced with a software update. I have tried to download to my pc and thence to the Kindle, but after 30 minutes or so, the download had not done anything, so I cancelled.

The email said to establish a WiFi connection, and the update would download and install itself. Unfortunately we do not have WiFi near us.

But we do have a strong 3G connection.

So, for all you Kindle mavens, will the download happen over the 3G connection, or do I really need WifI?

Also, any thoughts as to why the download to the pc didn't work?

Any help is appreciated in advance,

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