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Originally Posted by you View Post
First- we do go to church, so if I bought my son a suit, he would probably get *some* use out of it before he outgrew it. Still, I really doubt I'll get him one, because I don't usually make him dress up for church either! Lol. Ours is pretty casual, and he wears jeans and t-shirts or cotton shirts with collars basically all the time.
Yes, many churches are very casual now. As a lad, I always had dress clothes -- either a suit or a sport jacket and a pair of slacks -- to wear to church, as well as to weddings and other special occasions, but times have changed. Now, it's mostly "smart casual" at my church. But I offered up the options precisely because I did not know your situation.

Originally Posted by you
Also, the girls will be 18 when we go- If I bought them anything any time soon, there's not much chance they'd outgrow it between now and then unless they just suddenly got fat, which they won't.
In that case, you might offer them a couple options.

>> 1. If they attend their high school proms, they can bring their prom dress(es) to wear on the "formal" evenings.

>> 2. The other option would be to buy each of them a nice cocktail dress that they can take to college or that they can have to wear on other occasions. If they are going to college, they probably will want to attend one or two fairly dressy events per semester because many student activities and living groups do hold such events. If they instead are joining the work force after they graduate, they may need to dress appropriately for company social events. Either way, they will have occasions to use a nice cocktail dress.

Originally Posted by you
As for myself- I am sooooo not the type to go all crazy and buy a lot of clothes, particularly fancy and/or expensive clothes. I will buy a few things that actually fit, when we are within a couple of months of our trip, which is in May of next year. But they will be from places like Cato or Goodies or JC Penney or Ross. Not really a huge outlay of funds.
JTOL, you might do well to check your local consignment shops when the time comes. There are many women who buy a dress, wear it once, and then sell it through a consignment shop for about half of what they paid for it. If you find a shop that has a dress in your size, you'll get a real bargain on a dress with a lot of useful life left in it. If your weight hasn't stabilized and subsequently changes, you'll be able to sell it again through the same consignment shop and recover nearly your whole investment.

Originally Posted by you
Yeah, I definitely wasn't planning to go shopping right now- just sort of thinking ahead. And I have to confess, I wasn't really thinking of making them follow the formal night dress code just because I was trying to make a point about social ettiquette. I wanted them to experience what it was like to get dressed up a little bit fancy for a night and dine in an elegant setting, with other elegant people, to do something a little bit special, you know. I do think when we were having the conversation, I might have told them 'That's just the way they do things on a cruise, and we have to do what everyone else is doing- that's just what you do.' So maybe I did sort of put that social ettiquette idea out there, but mostly I'm thinking of it being an experience for them, if that makes sense.
I think that social etiquette, culture, and good taste are interrelated. Teaching your children to appreciate the elegant ambiance of a "formal" evening is part of the picture. There's no doubt that proper dress is a major contributor to that ambiance.

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