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PS- Forgot to mention that since they only serve Coke products on the ship as far as soda is concerned, I'm going to a) try to carry on a couple 6-packs of Dr. Pepper, and 2) make them get by with the included tea, lemonade and juice for a week. They'll live, even if we don't get onboard with our DrP. Also, most of the onboard expenses I listed are for one person- Me! There is not much they want to do that costs extra, and since I'm bankrolling this party, I'm splurging on ME, darn it! So if I had a significant other going on the trip, I would definitely pay the upcharge for a special night out with no kiddies.

If nobody's told you about it before, Rita's Fiesta would be a good idea for that- it's a specialty dining experience- $20 per person and it includes food and three, count 'em = 3 bar beverages at Rita's Cantina. At first it was only one night per cruise, but it's been popular, so I think they've added nights, and it's been said that it is a lot of fun. Like a little party. It's a lot less formal and fancy than 150 Central Park or Chops, Portofino or Giovanni's Table. (Do they even have Portofino on Allure?) If you are big wine drinkers, a special splurge for you and hubby's date night would be Chef's Table. $75 pp very exclusive multi-course dinner with wine pairings. This close to your date, it may be booked, but you could try it.

Have fun!
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