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Here's something that we really need to consider in today's world. If indeed it's easy to smuggle 33 Kilos and for those who don't know, being in the trade I was in, 33 kilos is over seventy-six pounds!

What if it weren't33 kilos of coke but 33 kilos of C-4 or TNT. It couldn't sink a cruise ship itself but it could cause horrendous damage and hundreds of casualties depending upon where it was placed, especially if it could be placed adjoinging a fuel bunker. That scenario would probably be too difficult to get away with but what if it were placed in a theater or in or beneath a dining room. It's easily detectable by dogs but then, so is coke.

What if it were 76 pounds of Nitroglycerine. That would be extremely hard to do but if they did, they could send an entire section of the superstructure to the moon.

Now combine that with a few dozen tanks of oxygen disguised as CO-2.

Food for thought.

BTW, if it's coke, you'd think they'd be considerate enough to bring aboard a few thousand straws and share.

Better yet put it in pressurized dry chemical fire extinguishers and spray all of the ship. Sure would give w whole new meaning to the Irish Rovers, "Wasn't that a party!" Grandma would be doing back flips on the sun deck. Not to mention the Captain instead of going to Tortola, may end up in Singapore. Hey that scenario would make a great Cheech and Chong flik!

Woudln't that be a party!


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