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Exclamation Excursions

Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
This being are first cruise my wife and I just went ahead and booked an excurison thru the cruiseline. I was looking around the other day at excursons on diffrent web sites and found one where they were cheaper and they also guarrented (sorry spelling) that if you missed the ship they would put you up in a hotel and fly you to the next port of call on their dime!
The topic of ship's excursions vs. independent excursions is much debated. Ship's excursions are often excellent of their kind and usually reasonably priced. They are extremely secure and convenient.

Independent excursions can also be excellent. The guarantee that you quote above is an unusual one. The thing to remember, of course, is that anybody can throw up a flashy web page and make any sort of guarantee. The proof of the pudding is how they honor the guarantee and what sort of service and what sort of guides they offer.

We have had excellent luck researching the review sites for guides and choosing those that are highly recommended. We have also on occasion taken a flyer on a guide whose website looked good. That has frequently worked well for us, but also put us in less than comfortable positions on occasion. We ran into one fly by night operation on some Caribbean island that was flaky from beginning to end and kept pressuring us for more than the agreed price. Fortunately that is rare.

And as always, price alone is not the only consideration.

Have a GREAT cruise!

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