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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
What an interesting ad. Is he going somewhere anyway? I've seen ads in the past of people interested in going sort of like a caretaker if their part of the cruise is paid for, so there's hope.
I might have considered it, but just committed to a room share in early April. Ironically I'm a nurse (working though should be retired) in geriatrics in a nursing home.
Where does he wish to go? What cruiseline is preferable? When?
These might provide some insight to potential responders.
1. He's not looking for a caretaker; he's looking for someone to split the cost of the cruise.

2. As far as he's concerned, he could be on a 7 day cruise to nowhere -- he never leaves the ship. The main thing is that he's looking for a cruise out of Baltimore, since we live here, and I can drive him to/from the Port of Baltimore.

3. He likes the Carnival Pride because he's been on that ship twice now, and he's familiar with it. He's got a cruise booked for November, 2011. But now he wants to go on a cruise in early May as well. The cruise he took on the Pride in January cost him around $850 ($350 x 2, plus tax & tips). And the one in November is going to cost him around $1,000 ($419 x 2, plus tax & tips).

He's REALLY frugal.

The total on board spending for him for the two Carnival cruises he took was...ZERO. He spent $2 on tips for room service the past cruise, and that was it. Same with the first cruise he went on (when I went with him).
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