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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
It's great he has the drive to cruise. Staying on board is not bad, there's something about ship life. I spend little time off the ship myself, maybe hit the closest tourist trinket area to browze. Hope he goes in May, November is a long time to wait and life is too short to sit in a rocking chair.
I think he had hoped he would be able to spend this part of his life traveling with my mother. But she started falling right around the time he retired, and had to be placed in an assisted living facility. Since then he's been kind of lost, immersing himself in my mother's situation/circumstances. In 2009 he decided, out of nowhere, that he wanted to go on a cruise. I found him one out of Baltimore, and I went with him. I really didn't like it, and told him that that was it for me and cruises. Then this past January he announced he wanted to go on another cruise, and that he'd be willing to go by himself. I found him one that was so cheap he figured he could pay x 2. He said he enjoyed it, but also asked me if there were any services that matched up single cruisers to split the cost. I Googled, and found this site.

Also, he's not just sitting around in a rocking chair. But he is bored, and cruising, as well as looking forward to cruising, really seems to brighten him up.
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