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Default Marina vs. Regent

I have been on several Regent cruises and was able to tour the Marina recently when she was christened in Miami. Just a few of my observations: the ship has a definite wow factor, which it should as it is a brand new ship and has a south beach chic ambiance in style and furnishings. I did not think the Marina's standard cabins are as nice as Regent's in size, whether in the bedroom or bathroom or closet. Having a large number of restaurants is a big plus for Marina, but my understanding from reading another post is that the main restaurant stated "we do not fill special orders." I did not like the theater space on Marina, it is claustrophobic and has poor sight lines. I also found some spaces on Marina which had what I felt were low ceilings, adding to an enclosed space feeling. I noticed taller people were only a few inches from the ceiling in some spots. I do not think this ship will compare favorably to Regent in terms of space per passenger. So while I think this ship will attract a perhaps younger, looking for more excitement Regent cruiser, Regent will still hold on to those that want more space and a quieter experience. I would like to try the Marina sometime in the future.
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