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Originally Posted by OklaCruiserMom View Post
PS- Forgot to mention that since they only serve Coke products on the ship as far as soda is concerned, I'm going to a) try to carry on a couple 6-packs of Dr. Pepper, and 2) make them get by with the included tea, lemonade and juice for a week. They'll live, even if we don't get onboard with our DrP. Also, most of the onboard expenses I listed are for one person- Me! There is not much they want to do that costs extra, and since I'm bankrolling this party, I'm splurging on ME, darn it! So if I had a significant other going on the trip, I would definitely pay the upcharge for a special night out with no kiddies.

If nobody's told you about it before, Rita's Fiesta would be a good idea for that- it's a specialty dining experience- $20 per person and it includes food and three, count 'em = 3 bar beverages at Rita's Cantina. At first it was only one night per cruise, but it's been popular, so I think they've added nights, and it's been said that it is a lot of fun. Like a little party. It's a lot less formal and fancy than 150 Central Park or Chops, Portofino or Giovanni's Table. (Do they even have Portofino on Allure?) If you are big wine drinkers, a special splurge for you and hubby's date night would be Chef's Table. $75 pp very exclusive multi-course dinner with wine pairings. This close to your date, it may be booked, but you could try it.

Have fun!

Wow, this is great information (and also quite fun and amusing to read)! Thank you so much for taking the time to type all of this up! I love your suggestions. I'm considering the date night, but can't find "Chef's Table" and not sure why?? Is this also called 150 Central Park? We live in Wine Country (Sonoma County in Cali), so YES we are big wine drinkers - that sounds like a great idea!

One of my biggest concerns is just walking through the ship, everyone hungry and finding a restaurant, not knowing if it's included, standing in line and waiting (as everyone gets crankier), and then having them charge us. Is there some kind of signage in front of the restaurants? I'm not going to be carrying around a list that tells me which ones are included, but maybe I just need to memorize them now. We have 6 of us in 3 balcony rooms because it surprisingly really wasn't that much more than cramming all of us in 2 interior rooms, so there is less money for "added" stuff.

I love your tips! Thank you so much!!!
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