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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
HELP!! I will be going on my first European cruise, on the first sailing of the new Carnival Magic....I know nothing about everything needed to get me through my port, gang...HELP! These are my ports.

Leaving from Venice to:

Dubrovnik,Messina, Naples, Livorno, Rome Monte Carlo,and end up in Barcelona..I won't be pre or post cruising,and leaving some ports open to just walking around..I do want to go to Capri..

Tell me all about Money, where to get it...evreyone of these ports use Euros? Will anyone accept our money, I really don't think so, but hope so's and DONT' far inland are some of these the cities from the pier? I need all your imput.
Thanks so much!

Hi Trip,
moneywise, all Europe is in Euro's. There are many atm's in cities. Make sure your debitcard is worldwide. Or you can use the atm on board?

My hairdresser tells me the ship docks right in Dubrovnik, short walk to the city. Walk on the walls was the advice.
Same goes for Monte Carlo, that is not so big, not far from the center either.
Do you have time in Barcelona? Its a gorgious city.
For the other ports I really dont know, I will be on the Magic in september. Be sure to keep in touch with the CD John Heald, he is european and he can give you some good hints and tips on your seadays :P

You can try and read up on Italy ports on CC, very informative. There is also a roll call with people who set up excursions, maybe an idea to hook up with them?

I wish I was going with you.
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Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews

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