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The official currency of Croatia (Dubrovnik) is the Kuna. Croatia is not in the EU. The Euro is the official currency for the rest of your ports. I suspect the acceptance of the euro will be fairly widespread.

However, that said, provided you use small denominations, the greenback will be accepted anywhere.

I think there are 2 ports in Dubrovnik, do you know which one you will be using?

Rome city is approx 40 miles from the port. I never visited Rome by cruiseline - sorry I can't help there.

Livorno to Pisa/Florence will be easy by train. Livorno is 90 mins away from Florence. Pisa is often overlooked IMHO - the Field of Miracles has the wow factor, for me anyway.

MonteCarlo is so tiny - that is a walk in the park. However mot tourists for the cathedral where Grace Kelly is buried.

Barcelona - again do you which port you are using?


BTW you could always use your cc instead of currency notes. As I think of more, I will post back.

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