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Tabyana Beach is just a name they have given to a small section of West Bay Beach. You can arrange transportation off the ship at half or less than the price on the ship. All you need to do is get to West Bay Beach and you will be on a vast and beautiful public beach of which Tabyana is part of. It is necessary to know whether you will be docked at the new Mahogany Bay port or the Coxen Hole "Port of Roatan" in order to be more specific on pricing. It's a 40 minute ride to West Bay Beach from Mahogany Bay and less than 15 minutes from The Port of Roatan (depending on which route is taken getting out of Coxen Hole). You could also arrange excursions that include some perks like snorkel equipment, beach chairs, drinks etc. through places like Infiniti Bay Resort and Bananara but to keep costs down if you just hire a ride to West Bay Beach and walk down the public access beside Bananarama, you'll find everything you're looking for right on the beach.
drummerDave(lived here for 3.5 years and occasionally drive one of the buses to and from the beach.)
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