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I was just on the Oasis a couple weeks ago and was told both ships are the same. One way to keep expenses down I would say just skip the soda card. I know my grandson wouldn't of not missed it. You can walk into the Windjammer restaurant any time and grab a glass of juices or flavored water. I suppose tea and lemonade. I took one back to the room every day. We paid the $45.00 extra for the soda cards which were a waste of money. My husband figured it up and what pop we got we could of charged it and saved money.
We never bought any of the pictures they take of you all throughout the trip. We had over 400 pictures on our camera so why pay them $$$$.
Wait till the end of the trip to buy t-shirts they reduce them the last couple of days. Believe me they never run out.

They have a really cool video game room. How you save there I have no idea. Give your kids a limit . Once that runs out that is it. Good luck. My grandson would have a hard time budgeting in there. Maybe they will love the water over being in there.

There is no need to take your kids to all the special restaurants. Most of the time they would stick their nose up at the food in there and waste it. Plenty of free food all over the ship. They will find it. I walked in to restaruants and ask if there is an extra charge right up front. One that made me mad was Johnny Rockets after a certain time of day they charge you. I never
made it down there for free breakfast. We were just too tired to get up early to make it in time. Believe me we never starved.

there is so much to do and see all throughout the day no one will be bored.

One thing I did learn is the kids didn't like kids camp. I met a family after we got off the cruise who had a seven year old and an eight year old with them. The kids said no one spoke english in their day care camp. So the other kids never played with them. And they really didn't want to play with each other. Just a heads up and something to think about.
All the American kids are in school so that might of been the problem then maybe not when you go on the trip. The camp is not free.

If you have teenagers they will love the top deck with the flow riders. And it is a roit just to watch them ride it.

Have fun. It only takes a day to figure out the location of everything. And find all the free food. I guess you could say free. (what is included with your cruise package.)
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