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We were on the Oasis the first of Feb. I never saw one single person on the rock climb. Granted most kids are in school so maybe that is why. The flow rider was very popular.
Central park at night was dead. We like walking through it at night. The restaurants were
dead at night in Central park. I wasn't impressed with the stores on board. I am not a shopper so I guess I am the last to commit on them. But I hardly would see people in the expensive stores shopping. Everyone would be there with the sales at the end of the trip.

I loved the art work all over the ship.

I am glad they are finally going to have single cabins.. Alot of people won't go because they have to pay for the extra person not in the room. My sister would of went with us but too much money for her.

Yes, I would go on this ship again. In fact, we are planning to go on the Allure 2013.
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