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Talking Upgrades

Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
The cruise industry will carry just over 13 Million passengers in 2011.

Several thousand of those passengers will receive free upgrades for any number of reasons.
The odds of receiving one of these upgrades are probably as good as winning a substantial prize in one of the American state lotteries.
Well, just like the lottery, there are small prizes and large prizes.

We normally book a standard outside guarantee, many months in advance of sailing. I would say in 20 recent cruises we have gotten some sort of an upgrade in more than half of our bookings. Most often, it has simply been from the minimum outside cabin to a standard outside on a higher deck or nearer midships (usually more expensive catgegories.) On three occasions, however, we have actually gotten that coveted upgrade from outside to verandah. (We remember it well, because this is the ONLY way that we bother to sail in verandah cabins. We won't pay the usually large extra amount.)

Why did we get upgraded? We have no clue. See "Upgrade Fairy" above. We book early, have platinum or elite status, and are often on itineraries that are not the most popular which book up so rapidly. Perhaps all of these have some influence on our upgrades. Or maybe it is just Fairy Dust.

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