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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
HELP!! I will be going on my first European cruise, on the first sailing of the new Carnival Magic....I know nothing about everything needed to get me through my port, gang...HELP! These are my ports.

Leaving from Venice to:

Dubrovnik,Messina, Naples, Livorno, Rome Monte Carlo,and end up in Barcelona..I won't be pre or post cruising,and leaving some ports open to just walking around..I do want to go to Capri..

Tell me all about Money, where to get it...evreyone of these ports use Euros? Will anyone accept our money, I really don't think so, but hope so's and DONT' far inland are some of these the cities from the pier? I need all your imput.
Thanks so much!
Nice cruise!

I have only been to some of those ports. You will love them.

Frankly, we found that the US$ is still acceptable in almost all of Europe. If you are in the major tourist areas they usually accept dozens of currencies and credit cards of all types! OTOH it is easy enough to get a handful of Euros and use them. Now if you want to get into some heavy bargaining over fairly expensive stuff, it might be best to have Euros. ATMs are ubiquitous in the tourist areas of all those ports and an easy way to top up your Euro supply. Check with your bank to make sure your ATM is activated for Europe.

I certainly hope that you at least have time pre-cruise for a gondola ride in Venice! Honestly, just booking one through the ship would probably be easiest, although if your ship offers a shuttle to St. Mark's Square as most do, it is not hard to take the shuttle and then there are hundreds of gondolas waiting. Venice is terribly expensive.

Naples itself is right next to the ship and you could just get off and walk around. However Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Amalfi Coast are big attractions here. There are lots of ship's tours or independent guides.

Livorno is usually viewed as a port from which to visit Tuscany or Florence, by way of Pisa. If you have not seen the Leaning Tower it is a hoot, and Florence is of course an art lover's paradise. It is an hour or more from the port. A ship's tour can work very well there. We had been there before, so we opted for a private tour to a Renaissance Castle in Tuscany for a cooking lesson! Check out our trip report and pictures at

The port for Rome is Civitavecchia and is an hour or more from the city. One day in Rome is a whirlwind tour in any case. If you want inside visits, especially to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's, you absolutely want to be with an excellent guide! Otherwise you will spend your entire day standing in lines. However, if you just want to see the monuments and take pictures, there are excellent HOHO buses available from the city transportation plaza. Most ships offer an independent tour that will drop you off there.

Barcelona is a beautiful city. We had a day post cruise there. The HOHO bus is also very good here, as much of the beauty of the city is in its architecture.

Check out our trip reports and pictures at Grand Princess Mediterranean Cruise Review,, and for some ideas about the Mediterranean.

I know you will have a GREAT cruise!

Check out our reviews and pics of our 41 cruises at

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