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I was on the Oasis a couple weeks ago. Really nice casino. The smoke wasn't too bad like others I have been on. I won around $400.00. By the end of the week I lost it and then some. Like I said before, I only spend what money I can afford to lose. It is in the budget before I leave on vacation. I don't drink so
I don't feel guilty.I would hate to see the bar bills at the end of the cruise for some. But they too probably have planned it out in advance.

Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
Since my last post in April I have now actually won $1.2 million dollars on a ships table over 7 days. Table was closed at 2:30 each night but we the big players picked up again back where we had left off the previous night at 20:30.

They thought I would lose as the nights went on, but I had a plan, and it worked.

An easy table if you know how to play it. If anyone wants advice, then I can tell you my first three steps to taking $1.2 million dollars off a ship. I did..
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