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Right on!

You picked one of my exact voyages that Im looking for a partner on. The one from Galveston on May 1 ending up in Barcelona. I'd be happy with any of those 3 in fact. I plan to spend several months in Europe and Im in no hurry to get there, so why not take a luxury cruise? It costs about the same as a flight. I hope we can talk more about his.

Are you Bryan Jackson on FB? I looked up your email there. Mine is

I'm pretty easy to get along with. Im more of a late night person though. I don't smoke or drink really, and tend to read alot or bring along movies to watch. I went on a cruise before so Im kinda familiar with them. I love eating on them! Heh actully Im really underweight right now and I'll be doing my best to gain about 10 pounds on this trip, so I will be at every meal! Also I was hopeing we'd find a cruise ship with a good hot tub. Its a place I like to hang out at alot meeting people and relaxing. The price I came up with for that Galveston voyage was about $1250 counting Tax and travel insurance. A better room would add on around $200 to that. Well hope to hear from you again. I'm straight to.

Farewell for now! ~Joel
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