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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
They sure look cozy and basically private.

Are those "storm doors" closed because these balconies sit quite low on the ship?
Only closed in case of anticipated extreme weather when you wouldn't want to be on the balcony, anyway.

Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
I don't like the boats right above my head when I look up, that would be a deal breaker for me. I want to see the sky and stars, but thats just me.
They aren't for everyone, however, many people don/t like looking down and having their view blocked by the promenade deck, and below that, the lifeboats.

Originally Posted by DreadLockCruiser View Post
My personal cruise planner talked me out of getting one. He said there are times when they will close access and/or times when you'll be getting wet. They are very low to the water.
They aren't that close and are very popular. Carnival often offers upgrades to people to switch from these least expensive balconies to something higher, noisier, smellier, and less private.
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