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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
His cruise date is in the initial post and we don't actually know that they didn't have insurance.
yes the date was in the posting, what he did not mention was the relationship. If it was an immediate family member and he had insurance this would not be an issue.

to the OP, like everyone we sympathize with you on your loss. The only thing I would suggest is calling and then writing or visa versa the guest services dept of NCL. They might give you partial credit on another cruise, but don't count on it. Being your first cruise you probably didn't realize how important insurance was. If you used a travel agent he/she would have explained that to you. You do have to understand the side of the cruise lines, if they refund or allow bookings later on no one would bother with insurance. We just got off a cruise Sunday, our daughter fell during a really rough night or rocking and rolling. She broke her arm. Thank goodness she has insurance.

Again, prayers to you and your family.

and now it has been a week since he posted. Sounds like he thought someone would have an answer and no one did, so he isn't going to respond.

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