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Rough seas will always make the Internet connection more spotty since it makes it harder to lock in that satellite signal.

It sounds like your sailing is fairly rough, but it should smooth out as you get closer to the islands - hopefully.

It has been a pretty cold winter on the West Coast (but not as bad as the east coast) and there have been a lot of cold fronts moving through one after another. The mountains ringing Phoenix were topped with lots of snow last Sunday.

On my transatlantic crossing on Norwegian Epic last June, 7 days from Southampton to New York City, it was miserably cold every single sea day, including the morning we "steamed" up the Hudson. It literally did not warm up until we were in our berth in NY City, in JUNE! My point is that the weather on the open seas can be cold.

I certainly hope your food improves. I would like to hear you say you loved something as well. Are you going with the simpler dishes (steak) or the more complex ones (Lobster Thermador)? What is the exact problem - served cold? Bland? Or just not good quality ingredients. You know some things can be fixed. I always thought Princess food was a bit on the bland side, but many people say they like it left simple so they can spice it up themselves.

Have a word with Maitre D' if you feel the waiter is somehow ruining your food (bringing it cold, especially). You're the group leader, after all .
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