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I think this our 5th time sailing this, or a similar route to Hawaii. We know from experience the first couple of days the seas are bit choppy; usually the last couple of days on the return trip too. No complaints about that at all.

I described the Dining Room service earlier as disjointed, and that's really the best word I can think of to describe it. For example, two people may be served their appetizers, while the other six face a gap before getting theirs. Then, when more food does arrive we're telling the waiter who ordered what.

I do like to give the Dining Room a couple of days to "get their act together", so we'll see what happens tonight at dinner. The CruiseMates nearby have a different waiter, and as yet I've heard no complaints about their service. I haven't asked, but I will.

I'm really just a meat and potatoes kind of guy. As I said the entrees have been fine, and steaks quite tasty. The hot soups and pastas have been delivered cold, with the exception of our shared pasta dish last night.

Princess's pasta used to be one of the best things they served, in my opinion, so perhaps my standard for them to reproduce is high.
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