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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post
Queen of Oakville,

Teaching children manners and basic social etiquette, including proper dress for various social occasions, is a fundmanental responsibility of parenting that too many adults shirk now -- which is why, as adults, their children continue to display abject ignorance thereof. I, for one, applaud the OP and many other dedicated parents who take this responsibility seriously and who take advantage of the "formal" evenings on a cruise to teaching their children the right way.



While I do generally agree with you. My point to the OP was " Please do not let it kill you financially for fear of what others will think."

Unless I have confused her with another poster (and if I have, I do apologize) .... she is a single mother of 3 who has been saving to take her children on this dream holiday. I don't see the point of her wasting her hard earned money to dress her children up, for fear of what others will think (my words not hers).

While I am, generally, a proponent of dress codes, and meet or exceed them for the most part; one also has to be financially responsible, and even if the clothing expenditure just adds to a few hundred dollars; the OP has to decide how to best use that money to the benefit of her family. I'm certainly not telling her how to spend her money .... just trying to point out that she can get by WRT to dress-code, without breaking the bank.

It is also worth mentioning that she is cruising Allure. While I can't speak to Allure, I can speak to RC, and dress-code compliance has gone down in recent years - despite what their websit FAQ says, and she doesn't need to over-dress her family; hoping to fit in.

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