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Unhappy Food service

Originally Posted by Kuki View Post

I described the Dining Room service earlier as disjointed, and that's really the best word I can think of to describe it. For example, two people may be served their appetizers, while the other six face a gap before getting theirs. Then, when more food does arrive we're telling the waiter who ordered what.
I am like you, I would love to think the best of that ship. She is a beautiful ship and I love her.

BUT --

What you describe at dinner is TOTALLY unacceptable cruise ship service. I am not one to make a scene, but the first time it happened I would have remained behind at the end of the meal to explain to the waiter that keeping track of orders and bringing them all together and serving them to the right people is MINIMAL service. Frankly, the second time it happened I would talk to the Headwaiter about training his staff.

I have always been one to rave about shipboard service, and point out that stuff like that does NOT happen on board ship. I certainly hope that it improves for you.

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