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Default Question of Staff Competence

You know, I have read this thread, and I find that those who are quick to critize the crew because they are only familiar with their area are very, very wrong.

Most of the crew of most of the lines make every effort to answer questions about the food, the activities, the restaurants, or if they do not have the answer, they always say that they don't know but will get someone to help.

Just because you have "paid" for a cruise doesn't mean you can expect the crew to be servants, because they are not. They are there to help you enjoy a vacation of pleasure, which also pleases them.

Actually, I recall sailing on the Vistafjord and Sagafjord for many years, and they referred to Carnival as the "tuna tugs." I'm sorry to say that, but I think the comments and the answers to many of these questions (or statements) refer to their type of thinking.

I don't mean to insult anyone, but the crew on these ships have come from countries where many jobs are hard to come by, and when they join cruise ships, they give all that they have to please, and they definitely exceed our expectations--at least on Oceania, Princess, HAL and many other lines we sail quite frequently. Our hats off to the crew--whether they could immediately answer our questions or not. I LOVE their smiles.

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