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Originally Posted by woodk View Post
We are book on this cruise on March 26th, so we are finding this very interesting. Also your comments about the dining room, we were on the Celebrity Mercury last fall and had the same issue. It was almost 30 minutes between the time we finsh our soup and the main course came. We do not know what's happening. We were making comments that we could wait to get back on a Princess ship as we have done 5 cruises with Princess and all the other ones were great.
Keep posting.
[COLOR="rgb(153, 50, 204)"]woodk,
We too are on the March 26th sailing. I hope all these problems get worked out of the Hawaii cruise before we set sail. I am also hoping for calmer seas and nicer weather.

I am hanging on ever word and checking back every day to read your posts. I am way too detail oriented about travel. I am taking notes like there is a final exam at the end of the cruise. Thanks for getting me prepared.[/COLOR]
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