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Default Making the Big time...National Geographic Travel Magazine

David and I had a friend call us last night, telling us that we were both in a picture in an article about Michoacan and Patzcuaro. I guess itīs a picture of us with some gringo and Mexican friends having coffee at La Sutidora restaurant on the square at Plaza Grande in Patzcuaro. They said it was a very kewl picture because it showed Mexicans and Americans laughing and conversing together on the square in a very congenial fashion..

We havenīt seen the photo as yet. I understand it is in the March issue of National Geographics Travel Magazine. Iīm not sure if this is only a Mexico edition or if this is an international edition. If anybody gets this magazine I would appreciate it if you could post the photo, should you find it.

Anyway it is nice that Michoacan is finally getting some well deserved good press. And it is fun to have appeared in such a wonderful publication.
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