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Good to hear Kuki is now getting the service he expected though as a Canadian he probably suffers from the desire to not make waves about service until some time has passed.
When traveling with an international mix of people at your table though one can experience cultural highs and lows of verbal expression. Had Mike been at your table than you might have seen this as a high and service improved earlier.
Course the issue is as we get too friendly with staff than we suffer pangs of perceived guilt if we take then to task.
Regardless, one does have the right to politely ask if the kitchen is causing them to not serve in time the dishes for all the table.

My Brit friends last November had no trouble in voicing displeasure but were always polite in their approach.

If it means anything, be glad you are not on the homeward part as our winds are from 70mph to 140mph today off the Pacific Coast:o
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