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Smile How Do You Prioritize???

Hello all! Pursuant to the topic of my other thread about gas prices rising and considering driving to the port versus flying, here's what I'm interested in discussing: Having just checked the prices of the flights I was using to estimate my total expenses and found them to have increased significantly, I am thinking, "Ok, what can we do without on the trip? What do we have to give up to cover the rise in airfare?"

So what is the first thing to go when you decide you'll have to reign in your cruise spending? What do you plan to cut out of your experience? For me, I'm thinking first of all, my spa treatments. (thermal suite and massage or relaxation accupuncture.) I've never gotten them on land, and there's no real reason for me to get them on the ship, except to just enjoy the being pampered and the "whole experience."

Second, would be formal night hairstyling services. I had wanted us to really dress up on formal night. Again, for the experience. We have few opportunities to "get fancy" as a family. I was planning on the girls and I getting our hair styled in a lovely updo for the evening. Adding that to the scratch-able list.

And that's pretty much it. I could skip the internet time I'd planned to use and I wouldn't miss that. I could skip my planned lunch at Giovanni's and taking the kids to the Samba Grill, which was my only planned 'upcharge venue' for the whole family. Not knowing what kinds of souveniers are available or how much they cost on average, I'm not willing to drastically reduce the amount I've budgeted for that. I want the kids to come away with something besides memories and a sunburn!

And I could possibly plan to not have as many 'Mama drinks' as I wanted, but that will be the last bastion!! (I know, I have priority problems, huh?)

So. What's the first thing all of you cut out when you find your budget threatened??
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