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Azamara is a great cruise line. When they were created they were basically a subsidiary of Celebrity and shared their reservations and back office personnel and systems. Now they stand on their own and are doing a better job then they were three years ago.

Azamara is a niche cruise line and their "thing" is to offer alternative itineraries with overnight stays and longer cruises. They are more destination oriented than ship oriented. They do offer Caribbean cruises but they are few and for a small portion of the year. This year the itineraries were more Southern Caribbean with stops on the smaller, out of the way islands.

I personally don't see them extending or even continuing their Caribbean itineraries for the foreseeable future. I do believe they may try Alaska on a limited basis at some point.

I personally would prefer if they keep their current types of itineraries and concentrate on other parts of the world and leave the "Homeland Cruising" to their big brothers and other cruise lines.

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