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Default Is Carnival website only/best place to find lowered rates?

We recently got an OBC when the price went down for our room/area. We did the early saver fare thru a Carnival TA. She's booking everyone in this group and while talking to someone else (who I didn't know) she noticed the price drop. She asked that person to contact me somehow & let me know about the price drop, & I was able to get the rate. I thought the agent should have called me herself but I didn't make a big deal out of it.

Knowing about this deal I had been checking Carnival's site for price drops, but it never seems to budge, so I wondered if I was looking in the wrong place so I can keep track on my own. Also, how long can I claim a price drop? This is our first cruise & we can't wait. We go in 141 days.

Thanks in advance!
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