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Thanks, Lisa, that's a good tip. The girls don't work yet, but I think as soon as one of them gets her license, she will at least find a paying job. She's an intern right now, getting paid in lessons, but I think soon she'll want to find something that actually pays.

I've been trying to save $20 out of every paycheck or child support deposit that I get, and I've estimated that at $100/month X 13 months (the last three months before the cruise, savings will go toward clothes!) So that's a pretty good chunk.

You know what? I'm fine. I just created a spreadsheet, increased what I had estimated on air, included baggage fees, DIDN'T take off the Samba Grill, Giovannis, internet time, or part of the spa treatment, DID ditch the hairdos, and even with a $500 cushion for wiggle room, I'm still at $6500. I've already put X on the cruise itself, I'll be saving that monthly amount to total $1300, I've got my ex-husband's tax return coming in the fall, from which I'll take X, and the final X will come from my tax return next year in Feb. or March. All in all, we're still all good, and I need to quit obsessing!

Sorry. Thanks for bearing with me.

ETA: Hey, Queen- you replied while I was in the middle of my post. I get what you're saying. Everybody cruises differently. Thanks for the response!
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