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This is why TV Variety shows died - one of the last ones (1980) was called:

Pink Lady and Jeff:
Pink Lady And Jeff: The Last, Worst Variety Series Bought To The USA In 1980 By NBC President Fred Silverman, Who Found Out Too Late That This Japanese Singing Duo Didn't Understand A Word Of English.

"... fans of the early video movement (pre-MTV) will enjoy this because of the vintage Blondie (Shayla and Eat To The Beat), Alice Cooper (Clones) and Cheap Trick (Dream Police) music videos on here."

"There's no doubt about it that this is hands down one of the worst variety shows ever made. It make the Brady Bunch Variety Hour look like an Emmy award-winning masterpiece."

"Everytime I begin to ***** about how bad television is today, I just put this on, and suddenly I am so glad that some thirty years separate myself from this radioactive excrement that smells so badly I have to put on a DVD of "My Mother the Car" to clean the place up."

"There's not much to be said about this set except that it is truly awful and worth every penny."

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