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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Thanks Dan - I wasn't looking for a website, more of a personal report from someone who's just come back. I can get a weather temp of most websites, but it can feel warmer/colder than what the weather report says based on wind and other factors.

Here in Florida we often say, "another beautiful day in Paradise!" But we do get an occasional cold front where we have to don a jacket and even long pants. But they are few and far between. Hurricanes are more of a concern here on the coast than a little chilliness.

In winter, remember the east coast of Florida is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea. But the Gulf Stream [a warm current from the Gulf of Mexico] runs up our east coast just a few miles off shore. The Bahamas are east of the Gulf Stream and are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. So they can get cold in winter. But it doesn't happen often. Once you get about 500 miles south of Florida actually in the Caribbean, then you are in waters that stay warm all year long. So the air is warm too.
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