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The policy regarding smoking in guest cabins, and on verandas, is much more ambiguous. Basically it reads that smoking is permitted in guest cabins, “though discouraged” (asking smoker‘s to be considerate of the cabins next occupants), and smoking is allowed on balconies (but be respectful of nearby passengers). It seems that it’s pretty fancy side-stepping of the issue.
If I were a smoker I would just read that as "don't smoke on the balcony if your neighbors are out there." - it seems pretty simple to me. The only question is "how far does that go...." two, three cabins, up down? or until someone 10 cabins away starts yelling at you to "put out that darn cancer stick out before I run you down with my scooter!"

BTW: I had to shower in the spa on Norwegian Epic for three days because my shower didnt work. It wasn't that bad, really.
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