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We hit land day, with our first port of call in Hilo (the Big Island), and we did one the most popular tours on the ship, the free shuttle to Hilo Hatties and WalMart.

Having been to Hilo several times in the past we've done the falls, and Volcano National Park, so we took this oppportunity, like many of the crew, to go stock up on "essentials". In my case Caffeine Free Diet Coke, which I had no trouble being back onboard.

I prefer itineraries that stop in Kona, on the other side of the big island, but for first time visitors Hilo is more convenient for getting to the Volcano National Park.

One oddity about "smoking" which I forgot to mention. In the Duty Free ship onboard, if you buy cigarettes by the carton, like liquor, you can not take them with you, they are delivered to you the last night of the cruise.

And like liquor, you can purchase single packages in all the bars. This doesn't affect me personally, as I bring my supply of regular Canadian cigarettes with me. It's just odd.

Time for me to meet Mrs. Kuki on deck for a late lunch. We'll "talk" later.
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