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I'm glad you wrote again as one can't PM you. You might well be able to help me. My grandmother, following the death of her second husband, sold around '50 or '51, a very opulent and very large home they custom built in the late forties. Built of stone, surropunded with stone walls, a massive patio and constructed in a heavily wooded area at the top of a hill on fifteen acres outside of Carmel, New York, one of the big names in early TV desperately wanted to buy it. The home had it's name (Blueberry Hill) in Bronze plaques set in stone on either side of the entrance (the plaques were long gone) when back in the late seventies my late Aunt visited us in Dutchess County from Florida and took us to it. She got me to drive all the up the drive and as it turned out the home was at the time unoccupied and probably for sale because it was in excellent condition (at least from the outside). I also have an album of formal photographs of the inside taken at the time of completion and furnishment.

Unknown to the public, the TV personality had suffered polio (a la Roosevelt) and while he could walk after a fashion, he could not negotiate the climb required up stone steps to actually get to not only the house but also because of the nature of the terrain from the parking area as well as, if I remember correctly, something about being unable to build an airstrip. I can't for the life of me remember now who it was but I did know. I think it may have been Garry Moore. If not Garry, it was someone of that same stature and era. You may well know if Garry (or absent he, someone) who had such a handicap about which the public was unaware.

Hopefully, you may be able to help me solve my conundrum.


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