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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I think I would change dining rooms for all of you, Mo.

Sapphire has 5 dining rooms! and 3 1/2 of them are open seating. I know you host a table but you could all easily agree to eat in a different dining room at the same time. Why continue if the waiter is not up to snuff?
Paul... after watching for 5 days I honestly don't think our issues were with the wait staff, but were issues within the galley.

The waiter may have been flustered the one night it went really bad, but in observing I think he is quite capable. I think that is a judgement I'm capable of stating with confidence with my 30 years in the bar and restaurant business. It's easy to spot bad servers

In galleys there is a pecking order of who gets served first. Perhaps our staff have been moved up the list.

At any rate, I discuss the option with not only our tablemates, but the cruisemates surrounding us, and most seem happy to stay with the present arrangement.
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